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Search Engine Optimization a Critical Roll

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in all business marketing strategies. Whether you are just starting your business or website, or have been in the industry for a while it is important to know Search Engine Optimization is an integrated ongoing process. Here are just a few tactics out of many you should be discussing with your copy writer, web master and website developer.

Use Relevant Keywords and Phrases in Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your keyword or keyword phrase figures prominently in your website copy and headers. Really think about what search terms a potential customer may use to find your web site. For example, if your run a tree pruning service, your keywords for search engine optimization would be “tree pruning,” “tree trimming” “hedge clipping” “tree branch removal” etc. Search engines will be looking for related keywords within your web site. Be careful how you use keywords as search engine crawlers become “smarter” they are better able to recognize “keyword stuffing” on web sites. It is best to write naturally and keep the tone of your writing “human” when doing search engine optimization.

Beneficial Blog Writing for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, are keen on active web sites, especially Google. The more frequently a site is updated, the higher your site will rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Blogging is a great way to continually update your web site, build trust and goodwill for your business while providing new product or service information to your potential customers.

Name Files for Keyword Density to boost Search Engine Optimization

The names of files you upload to your web site such photos, artwork, videos or charts are often a missed SEO opportunity. Search engines read the words in file names as part of the copy. Take advantage of it! Name these files with words that relate to your keywords. Using our previous tree pruning business example, you should not upload a picture of a cedar hedge being trimmed with a generic name, “image 42,” call it “cedar_hedge_trimming”. Avoid spaces, use the underscore to separate words in file names using this technique will help up your keyword density.

These are just a few techniques to Search Engine Optimization for your web site. Keep in mind your website is just one piece of your on-line presence, a key component however other pieces to your web presence puzzle such as social media should also be approached with SEO in mind.

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